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Cloud ERP extensions from the app store

2021-10-12T17:07:12+02:0008. 05. 2019|Aktuelles|

Imagine a smartphone without apps. You can do no more with this than with your old, heavy cell phone bones from the 1990s - make calls, send a message. Perhaps, if the manufacturer meant well, organize your appointments and play a game during the break. That's it. It is very similar with business software. [...]

Add the company logo to the HTML5-based user interface of SAP Business ByDesign

2021-10-12T17:17:59+02:0022. 09. 2017|Aktuelles|

As an administrator, you can also use HTML5 to adapt the visual appearance of your SAP solution to the requirements of your company. Customize company logo From the menu, choose Key User Settings, then enter Customization mode. In the sidebar list, select the "Background design" entry, open the context [...]

Use the HTML5-based user interface of SAP Business ByDesign as standard

2021-10-12T17:19:22+02:0030. 08. 2017|Tips and Tricks|

Since the 1708 release, it has been possible to preset SAP Business ByDesign so that the HTML5-based user interface is used as the standard. This eliminates the need to call up the previously very long URL for HTML5. After you have changed the system, it is sufficient to call up the short URL [...]

Help with activating the Silverlight plug-in

2021-10-12T17:30:11+02:0011. 05. 2017|Tips and Tricks|

Today we have an important note for you. After one of the last Windows updates, it may happen that Internet Explorer deactivates the Silverlight plug-in. To solve the problem, just follow the steps below. Problem solving in four steps To solve the problem, just follow the steps below. Activate Microsoft Silverlight In [...]

We introduce: The “SAP Cloud Applications Studio”

2021-10-12T17:34:10+02:0008. 03. 2017|Tips and Tricks|

In today's tip we introduce you to a rather unknown part of SAP Business ByDesign: the so-called "SAP Cloud Applications Studio". This is a software development kit (SDK for short) with which you can adapt (almost) all components of your SAP Business ByDesign system according to your wishes. Flexibly expand SAP Business ByDesign [...]

Business case: Marketing-to-Opportunity

2021-10-12T17:37:16+02:0001. 03. 2017|Business scenarios|

That SAP Business ByDesign Marketing-to-Opportunity business scenario enables you to manage marketing and pre-sale activities with the aim of generating new business for customers and prospects. You can run campaigns, collect responses, generate leads, manage opportunities, and initiate and track related sales activities. Alternatively, you can use this business scenario without campaigns. This means [...]

Business scenario: customer contract management

2021-10-12T17:37:49+02:0001. 03. 2017|Business scenarios|

With the SAP Business ByDesign You can create and manage customer contract management business scenario as part of support claims or managed services. Scenario overview The scenario includes functional areas from related areas that directly support the provision of services for contracts, for example the processing of due items and payments in [...]

Business scenario: processing customer inquiries

2021-10-12T17:38:05+02:0001. 03. 2017|Business scenarios|

That SAP Business ByDesign Business scenario handling customer inquiries enables your service department to provide customer services for prospective and existing customers and to provide support. Scenario overview It has functions for receiving inquiries via various input channels and for creating and processing service inquiries. You can provide your customers with solutions [...]

Business scenario: order processing (project-based products and services)

2021-10-12T17:39:37+02:0001. 03. 2017|Business scenarios|

That SAP Business ByDesign Order fulfillment business scenario (project-based products and services) is used to manage the entire process of selling project-based services to customers. Scenario overview In this scenario, offers and sales orders are integrated in project management. This enables you to create customer invoices for time and expense items recorded [...]