Before starting a trip in SAP Business ByDesign Submit a travel request because an advance payment or approval from a manager is required. You would therefore like to enter the expense report in advance and edit it afterwards.


This is possible through a prior expense report.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Put under Self-services overview one New expense report at.
  2. Select “Business Trip” as Expense report type and state the reason for the trip and a start and end date.

Usually it is not necessary to attach receipts. If you still need receipts for prepayments, you can add them. In this case, you should avoid other receipts that would generate reimbursements.

To make it clear that this expense report is a travel request, you can use the input field additional comments to use. With an explanation in this field, you signal to your supervisor that you are planning a business trip and can obtain their approval for this.

When checking the travel request, the manager sees that the expense report to be approved is not a retrospective report, but an upcoming trip.

After your business trip, you can enter the expenses actually incurred in the same receipt by editing it.

You can open this expense report again by clicking the button Send forward to the supervisor who will deal with the approval.

This means that you have recorded the entire business trip from the travel request to the settlement in one receipt.

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This brief instruction was based on SAP Business ByDesign , Release 2005 created. All statements without guarantee.