You want to be in SAP Business ByDesign In addition to the standard units of measure such as pieces, hours or meters, you can also use flexible units of measure such as packages or pallets.


The fine-tuning job Quantities and units of measure allows the configuration of the trade units and physical units of measure available in the system.

A trade item is a quantity that you define to simplify business processes. Examples are boxes and pallets.

A physical unit of measure is a standardized quantity that is used to measure a physical property. It is a fixed reference value and in most cases an internationally recognized standard measure. For example, a meter has the fixed value of one hundred centimeters.

Trade items

You can define and manage units of trade. If you create entries in the table, the unit must begin with Z.

For the purpose of quantity conversion, you can use commercial units of measure in the material master data by referencing a predefined unit of measure.
A new trade unit can be used internally and in issues such as customer invoices.
Units of measure delivered by SAP comply with UNECE standards and can also be used for B2B communication.
Only units of measure with the status “Released” are displayed on the user interface.

Physical units of measure

A newly created physical unit of measure must refer to another predefined physical unit of measure. This new unit of measure can be used internally, but not for electronic transactions with another business partner (business-to-business communication), provided the new unit of measure is not used by both parties.
The units of measure included in the scope of delivery of SAP meet the UNECE standards (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) and can be used for business-to-business communication.

Only units of measure with the status “Released” are displayed on the user interface.

With the help of the reference factor and reference value, the reference unit of measure can be converted into the new physical unit of measure and vice versa.

The symbol stands for the unit of measure. Most of the symbols for physical units of measure are known around the world, e. B. kg for kilograms and lb for pounds.

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