With the SAP Business ByDesign Product Design business scenario, ensure that you can manage product designs (such as drawings, descriptions, 3-D representations, and other designs) and the materials required in SAP Business ByDesign to prepare for production of the product. This includes the consistent processing and management of material master data, production parts lists and other production-relevant requirements.

Scenario overview

The scenario is particularly important for companies that specialize in the design of frequently changing products or that have a high transfer rate from design to production.

  • You can either create product designs from scratch or import them from the external design system into SAP Business ByDesign. In SAP Business ByDesign you can edit product designs so that they correspond to the production possibilities.
  • As soon as a product design has been approved, it can be handed over to production. The production parts list is created automatically.
  • You can assign materials either to a product design or to the associated production BOM.
  • Production models, which form the basis for production, are generated from the production parts lists.

Business process: Create information on product design and materials in the external system

In the design department of your company, the products are designed in the specific systems, e.g. in mechanical, electronic or mechatronic design systems (CAD, CAE, CAM). The product designs created in this system form the basis for supply chain activities and communication with your customers. As a result, these digital drafts need to be available throughout your organization and changes need to be communicated without delay to ensure that the data is current and consistent across the organization. This is important, for example, when you are preparing the procurement process or checking whether material and auxiliary materials are available at the desired price.

Business process: Editing product designs and handing them over to production

The products that have been designed by your design department must be available company-wide so that the procurement process can be prepared or to check whether the product can be provided at the desired price. To guarantee this, you can import drafts of your products (e.g. drawings, descriptions, 3D representations) into SAP Business ByDesign, for example from a CAD system. Product designs are then created in SAP Business ByDesign with a corresponding production BOM. Depending on how your company is aligned, a product design can be similar to your production bill of materials, but it can also be heavily engineering-oriented, taking into account all aspects relevant to production. The product technicians can edit the structure of the product design, assign materials or change assigned materials. New versions or copies of product designs can also be created. A released product design version can be transferred to production with reference to a change order. The production parts list is created automatically.

Business process: prepare for production

The process of preparing production covers the management of production parts lists as well as all other master data that are required for production. Also, the process aims to facilitate maximum reuse. The production planner manages the production parts lists that the product technician has given him. He can also create new variants of a production BOM and assign or change materials. Material masters can also be changed and updated if necessary. Change orders control any changes made to the production BOM. The product technician creates production models and assigns a production BOM and a work plan to each model. The work plan contains details on the individual steps in production. The user can review a new or changed production model to ensure that it can be released for supply chain planning and production execution. After a production model has been approved, everything is ready for production.

Source: help.sap.com, as of March 2017