That SAP Business ByDesign Business scenario Resource management is tailored to the basic requirements of a resource manager in a service company.

Scenario overview

Important functions are covered, e. B. integrated access to data about internal employees and external contractors (including their qualifications, availability and workload) as well as to data from project management and time management. The focus of the application is the construction of an integrated resource database. This enables the resource manager to identify the candidates who best meet the required suitability and availability criteria. Furthermore, projects can be filled with resources and resource utilization can be monitored.

Business process: manage resources

The Manage Resources business process enables you to manage a resource pool with data on employees and external service providers. The availability and suitability data in the resource profiles are kept up to date. Current qualifications and documents such as assessments and CVs are taken into account.

Business Process: Finding Resources

The resource manager can use the search for resources business process to process resource requests by determining suitable and available personnel resources for internal or external projects.

Business process: Occupy a project

With the business process staffing projects, the resource or project manager can assign suitable resources to projects and manage an initially committed work capacity for the selected resource.
The employee later adjusts the work promised at the beginning in his availability calendar to the actual capacity requirements or other work promised for projects. Such adjustments can also be made by the resource or project manager on behalf of the resource.

Business process: monitor utilization

With the Monitor Utilization business process, the resource manager can monitor the current and forecast utilization of the resources and identify resources with very high or very low utilization. The problem of uneven workload can be remedied in the short term by distributing the tasks more evenly to the available resources or alternatively informing the board area. This can then decide, for example, to expand / reduce the current workforce or to increase demand through appropriate sales and marketing initiatives.

Source:, as of March 2017