That SAP Business ByDesign Business scenario Human resource management is designed for efficient management and execution of all employee-related tasks. There are two approaches to dealing with personal data, depending on the scope of the solution required.

Scenario overview

One of these is the administration of personal master data, which is the lean way to manage basic master data for your employees and service providers. These employees can be used for projects and record their working hours using employee self-services.
On the other hand, the personnel administration enables you to process all data relating to employees and employment relationships in accordance with the country-specific regulations. You can manage personnel actions, e.g. B. Hiring employees, relocating employees within the company or terminating the employment of employees. You have access to personnel files in which you can manage personal and company-related employee data as well as data on employment.

Business process: edit organizational structure and job catalog

With the business process Edit Organizational Structure and Job Catalog, you can define the operational structure and the organizational structure of your company. This structure determines the reporting structures and is used to identify the responsible manager, e.g. B. for approval processes. In addition, you can set up a job catalog that describes the possible roles of your employees and edit company data.

Business process: manage personnel actions

You can use the Manage Personnel Actions business process to manage personnel actions, e. B. the hiring of employees, the transfer of employees within the company or the termination of the employment relationship of employees. The entire history of an employee’s personnel actions is available in the personnel file.

Business process: manage personnel file

With the Manage Personnel File business process, you can edit data relating to employees and employment relationships centrally in an employee’s personnel file in accordance with country-specific regulations. Employee data, e.g. B. private address, personal data or bank details can be processed decentrally by the employee using employee self-services or by the superior using employee self-services.

Business process: manage personal master data

With the business process Manage Personnel Master Data, the HR administrator can edit employee data, e.g. B. the home address or personal data. The organizational assignment can also be edited.
Optionally, you can also edit system user data for employees or service providers.

Source:, as of March 2017