That SAP Business ByDesign Business scenario handling customer inquiries enables your service department to provide customer services for prospective and existing customers and to provide support.

Scenario overview

It has functions for receiving inquiries via various input channels and for creating and processing service inquiries. You can provide your customers with solutions via various output channels and trigger corresponding follow-up activities (e.g. on-site service).

Business process: Process incoming customer inquiries

The business process Process Incoming Customer Inquiries enables you to manage customer inquiries that come in via various input channels, for example telephone, e-mail or the Internet.
When it comes to customer interactions, knowing who you are dealing with is critical. There are various options for quick identification of the customer and contact person, for example automatic identification based on the telephone number of the incoming call. You can also manually enter a caller’s name in a Google-like search.

Business process: create, assign and process service requests

The business process Create, Assign and Process Service Requests enables you to document and categorize service requests. When a customer contacts your service organization about a problem, the sales representative or account manager creates a service request to document the customer problem. This searches the knowledge database for a solution to previously asked customer inquiries, documents the answer and sends it to the customer or, if necessary, initiates service work at the customer site.

Source:, as of March 2017