SAP Business ByDesign PLM / CAD integration

2021-10-12T16:45:32+02:0019. 10. 2020|Solutions|

Our add-on solution for CAD integration, specially developed for manufacturing companies, helps you to avoid costs and errors when manually transferring construction parts lists (product designs) from the CAD tool to SAP Business ByDesign. This process is fully automated through our CAD integration with SAP Business ByDesign. Your draftsman therefore has more time to [...]

SAP Business ByDesign LODAS integration

2021-10-12T16:44:25+02:0019. 10. 2020|Solutions|

Simplify your payroll process by transferring relevant data from SAP Business ByDesign to LODAS. Have an importable file for LODAS generated fully automatically. Seamless integration into the standard billing process from SAP Business ByDesign. Reduction of parallel master data management. Simplify your payroll process With our LODAS integration [...]

SAP Business ByDesign Support-Portal

2021-10-12T21:13:25+02:0011. 09. 2019|Solutions|

Give your customers worldwide 24/7 access to read, create or update their service requests (support tickets) - independently of the availability of your call-center staff with our SAP Business ByDesign ticketing add-on. 24/7 real time customer-access to service requests (support tickets). Customer self-service to create, edit and review service requests. [...]

SAP Business ByDesign Exchange-Rate-Sync

2021-10-12T21:12:19+02:0011. 09. 2019|Solutions|

This solution keeps all relevant exchange rates in your SAP Business ByDesign System up-to-date. It saves your accountant's time for core business activities. No more manual entry of exchange rates. Daily synchronization ensures accurate exchange rates. Automated synchronization avoids typing errors. Accurate exchange rates - automatically Companies operating [...]

SAP Business ByDesign Onlineshop-Integration

2021-10-12T21:12:51+02:0011. 09. 2019|Solutions|

Integrate your online shop seamlessly with SAP Business ByDesign and benefit from real-time process- and master-data-integration as well as a maximized degree of automation in e-commerce. Integrate your E-Shop with SAP Business ByDesign and benefit from a seamless e-commerce experience. Real-time integration of process- and master data for optimal data consistency. [...]

SAP Business ByDesign Contact-Form Lead-Integration

2021-10-12T16:58:44+02:0011. 09. 2019|Solutions|

The Lead-Generation from contact form is a Content Management System contact form extension that enables the creation of leads in SAP Business ByDesign when a CMS contact form is filled in. Real time creation of leads from contact forms. Faster reaction times help your sales agents to call leads when they [...]

GAEB interface for SAP Business ByDesign

2021-10-12T17:09:53+02:0024. 08. 2018|Solutions|

In industrial and plant construction, companies need a way to quickly and easily exchange service specifications (GAEB) between their ERP systems or other IT systems. The GAEB standard (Joint Committee for Electronics in Building) is particularly widespread in Germany. The use of GAEB files enables the process of service procurement (from tendering to invoicing) [...]