Receivables and payables, liquidity and payments, inventory and fixed assets, expenses and taxes, reporting and compliance – with SAP Business ByDesign you can get a comprehensive overview of the financial situation of your organization in real time and regardless of location. If you integrate all important financial, production and business processes into the cloud ERP system, you can view your company from a uniform perspective. You always have a solid basis for management decisions.

Start without your own IT infrastructure

Finding a good ERP system for medium-sized companies that meets the current requirements of a company and is flexible and scalable at the same time is not easy for management and IT managers. Internal and external programming by in-house software developers and remote developers is a lengthy and complex process that ties up financial and human resources. Most standard products do not cover all functions.

Relying on the market leader SAP ensures your company’s ability to act right from the start. The resources of the existing IT staff can be used profitably to support the core competencies of your organization. Uncertainties caused by capacity bottlenecks in IT and problems in working with outsourcing partners are a thing of the past. You can fully concentrate on future challenges and the implementation of strategic goals.

SAP Business ByDesign is a reliable cloud ERP system. The operation, maintenance, updates and the backup of your valuable company and financial data are taken over by SAP or the data centers of SAP. Data protection and data ownership are fully guaranteed: SAP meets the latest standards in terms of security and compliance. You and your specialists and managers can rely on smooth functioning and seamless availability. To use it in your company you need internet access – no complicated infrastructure, servers and IT specialists. You can use the ERP via an Internet browser without any major installation effort.

SAP develops Business ByDesign constantly and adapts it to current requirements and legal standards. The Cloud ERP provides you with the functionalities that you will use in your company now and in the future. There are some requirements that you may not yet know at the moment that you will need them in the future. With the help of SAP Business ByDesig n generate valuable competitive advantages. The monthly “all inclusive” rent gives you an overview of your IT expenses at all times.

Digitization through cloud ERP

Companies that are lagging behind with digitization have strong partners at their side in SAP and us who support them in restructuring their business processes. In the course of the introduction of SAP Business ByDesign it is possible to optimize and harmonize internal accounting and congruent external business processes. There is standardized accounting throughout the company. All of your company’s data is stored in a central database. This means that your employees always have access to the latest information and have a uniform level of knowledge. This facilitates communication and the handling of daily business processes.

SAP Business ByDesign is based on best practices. Sales, project management and accounting are integrated into one ERP system. With regard to financial management, this means: The functions and intuitive usability enable you to bring together and call up all the data linked to finances from all areas of the company at any point in time. As a basis for making well-founded decisions based on current information on cash flow, liquidity and sales, the cloud ERP system is invaluable.

SAP Business ByDesign gives specialists in medium-sized companies the opportunity to use their knowledge in financial management efficiently and to make the best possible use of their potential. Your employees are happier and more motivated to work. By storing the data in the cloud, the ERP grants remote access to data with the appropriate authorization, for example mobile via laptop, tablet and smartphone on business trips and during customer appointments. External data storage allows flexible workplace models with home offices.

Scalability and international orientation

SAP Business ByDesign is arbitrarily scalable. The modular structure makes configuration easy. The Cloud ERP makes it possible to change existing organizational structures, plan new processes in advance and determine a future point in time for activation. Changes can be made in-house without the help of external consultants. Due to the flexible expandability by any number of users, it grows SAP Business ByDesign uncomplicated with your company. It adapts to the pace that you and your organization dictate. If you want to expand abroad, is SAP Business ByDesign the optimal ERP due to the international orientation and the cloud-based operation.

Many medium-sized companies with up to 500 employees occupy niches and serve international markets. SAP Business ByDesign is based on the needs of its users. It brings together the data from individual companies and branches in Germany and abroad. SAP’s ERP is used successfully by companies around the world. Currency conversions, country-specific payment methods, international accounting standards and translations into the respective national language are integrated. The assignment of roles enables the implementation of effective security standards across national borders. The relevant information is available to every employee in real time.

Reports and analyzes in the desired level of detail

SAP Business ByDesign stands for transparency. The system links all processes and key figures of strategic and operational financial management. Being able to call up detailed financial information enables management to make internal and external understandable decisions based on numbers. At the push of a button, the ERP system presents you, for example, with profitability analyzes based on defined criteria such as customer, product and region. Management can understand which investments improve profitability in the short and long term.

The content of regular reports can be adapted to the requirements of the company’s managers and the individual departments. The continuous review of the key performance indicators enables you to monitor performance based on key figures. Transactions are integrated in real time and guarantee current analysis results.

The diagram and chart-based representation guarantees a good overview. All information can be fanned out in depth so that the origin can be traced back to the last detail. Investment decisions require a thorough review of the underlying data. The Cloud ERP enables data to be viewed and analyzed flexibly from different perspectives. The modular principle of SAP Business ByDesign is reflected in the structured navigation and the intuitive interface.

Cash and liquidity management

The cash management of the ERP enables you to monitor the flow of money within your company and to meet deadlines. Liquidity management supports the optimization of the financial value chain and the liquidity status. You have control over liabilities, receivables, deposits, withdrawals, bank transactions, account balances, taxes and other financial activities regardless of location and time. In the event of problems, you can use drill-down functions to find out details – including PDF views of relevant invoices, payment and transaction documents and contractual agreements.

Many financial problems in companies are due to a lack of liquidity. With the integration of your finance and core business processes in the Cloud ERP, you gain real-time and location-independent transparency about the current financial status of your company. All relevant business processes are linked to finance. Financial management and accounting are always up to date.

SAP Business ByDesign enables you to optimize the cash flow as part of the implementation and, for example, to collect receivables faster. With the help of current analyzes and forecasts, you and your employees can manage transfers across departments and countries based on current liquidity and taking corporate strategies into account. The ERP software supports you with suggestions. Depending on the analysis of the liquidity status, excess cash can be invested and shortfalls can be effectively prevented or anticipated and better managed. Reports with liquidity forecasts for different time periods and criteria as well as the continuous monitoring and consolidation of the data of the international sales markets prevent negative surprises from a financial point of view.

Automation processes

The cloud ERP system automates processes that do many bookkeeping by hand. Your employees can use the free time resources to concentrate on more important tasks. SAP Business ByDesign reduces the time required in finance. For example, the software uses discounts to settle invoices to customers within set payment terms. The automation makes it easier to train new employees in accounting who do not have to familiarize themselves with special supplier conditions in advance. If the predefined what-if analyzes show that payments are causing liquidity problems, the software warns automatically. Those responsible have the opportunity to intervene in good time and postpone payments to a later point in time.

The ERP supports you in the transmission of payment reminders to customers, in clearing and payment processes through electronic transfers as well as advices and management of account statements. Your finance department is connected to your banks, the tax authorities, clearing houses and lockbox providers via appropriate interfaces.

Internal and external accounting

The financial management analyzes are based on the integrated accounting logic. The Cloud ERP system supports your employees in determining the account for bookings. The central general ledger with the associated sub-ledgers acts as a uniform source of company information. The connection of the financial processes with the other business processes of the company ensures the timely processing of liabilities, receivables and expense reports. Project accounting with external service providers, whether local or from different countries, shows the strengths of SAP Business ByDesign .

The consolidation of the current data from all areas of the company with the general ledger and inventory is the basis for transparency about the financial status of your company. You have online access to interactive reports, current analyzes and forecasts at any time. You and your employees determine the depth at which the ERP system shows you the details.

Different accounting rules

Each business transaction requires exactly one booking voucher. The display of the accounting data according to different accounting rules is possible without any problems, e.g. B. in addition to HGB and tax law in Germany, internationally according to the IFRS International Financial Reporting Standards and in the USA according to the principles of proper accounting US GAAP. Legal changes and new standards are due SAP Business ByDesign automatically integrated. The comprehensible preparation of the accounting data in the financial and management reporting according to the respective national standards and legal regulations provides executives as well as investors and business partners on an international level with all the information they need. You can prove the reliability of your company at all times through transparent communication and efficient working methods.

Period financial statements and tax returns

Without an ERP, the creation of regular period-end closings takes a lot of time. With SAP Business ByDesign prepare closing of accounting periods through the integration of all specialist and business areas as well as financial report forms, the use of real-time data and the high degree of automation little effort. The closing business scenario supports your employees in the execution of period-end closing and guarantees the correctness, punctuality and compliance with all legal requirements for balance sheets, profit and loss statements and cash flow statements. Employees have the opportunity to calmly determine the processes for the financial statements in advance and thereby ensure completeness. SAP Business ByDesign ensures that all process steps are carried out completely in the correct order.

The accountant responsible checks whether the data of all business transactions and any inventories are in the system. The accounting department is responsible for performing periodic valuation tasks such as foreign currency valuation and asset depreciation as well as assigning costs and revenues to periods. Authorized persons have transparent access to the current status of the contract at any time. Once all postings and settings have been made, reports for tax and corporate consultants as well as tax returns for tax authorities can be automatically created and transmitted according to standardized procedures. Those responsible can also prepare special financial reports for internal company communication.

Whether internal and external accounting, cash flow and liquidity management, administration of taxes or analyzes and reports in real time – you can rely on financial management SAP Business ByDesign , integrate a reliable and scalable cloud ERP system that flexibly adapts to your current and future requirements and optimally supports the growth of your company.

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