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The solution for medium-sized companies SAP Business ByDesign supports your service company in efficient administration of all processes – from purchasing to customer relationship management and customer support to reporting. Run your entire company with a single cloud-based ERP solution.

Why SAP Business ByDesign is particularly suitable for project service providers

Project management means one thing above all: keeping an overview of a great deal of information. This mostly comes from a wide variety of channels. Especially in projects with several participants or international project teams, something can happen day and night all the time. And everything is important for the course of the project. In order to maintain an overview, project managers quickly find themselves in the difficult situation of having to manage their own time in addition to the project very precisely. Overtime is preprogrammed and valuable free time is lost.

In order to sacrifice less of your own time and still keep an overview, software solutions offer the necessary support.

SAP Business ByDesign for project service providers

Project management can be a time consuming affair. Keeping an overview and thinking of everything in order to make the right decisions in every phase requires a lot of concentration. This can quickly make you wish the day had more than 24 hours. Then you, as a project manager, are faced with the challenge of having to manage yourself alongside your projects. To feel responsible for a project, to give everything for it and yet not to exhaust yourself. This is usually only possible if you can fully rely on yourself and your team. But this doesn’t just include your colleagues.

In order to survive as a project manager in a complex multi-project work environment, the balance is extremely important. In addition to professional competence and management skills, those involved need one more resource than anyone else: free time. Those who can relax and unwind regularly and find moments in which they do not have to think about their projects will be able to keep a clear head when it comes to the project. In order to successfully implement this time management, project managers also need non-human support – this can be done, for example, through complex software solutions. In order to be able to support project service providers as software, they have to understand every problem of a complex project, know the processes and know what is important in the implementation of the project. The solution should work effectively and efficiently in order to provide the greatest possible relief.

This is how you keep track of your projects. You plan this with an effective and clear tool. You define project teams into which external service providers can be integrated without any problems. You always know who in your team is currently working on which topic and whether they are staying within budget. You can see in real time whether the project is going as planned or if you should intervene. And you have everything in front of you, from the first contact with the customer to the settlement of the successful project.

In other words, you can relax. With your software solution you have found a reliable partner who offers everything you need to successfully plan, execute and bill your projects. From customer contact management to financial accounting, all information is linked and can be evaluated clearly and in real time using the integrated reporting tools. In this way, you can prevent sleepless nights even in difficult projects: you simply always know how your company is doing.

As a project service provider, the most valuable asset is free time. Those who can switch off well after their work is done will start the next day with a clear head and make better decisions. There is always something to do, especially in a multi-project work environment. As a project manager and employee, besides professional qualifications and good management skills, you need one thing above all else: software that makes your life easier. A software that behaves like a reliable project employee and that always offers the necessary overview. Such a solution works with you on your projects and offers all the functions required for efficient project management, so that you can concentrate fully on your core tasks. And at the end of the day, you can start off your workday calmly, because you know: everything is fine.

With Business ByDesign, SAP offers the ideal software solution for project service providers. With the Cloud ERP you can manage your entire project from planning to implementation. Your employees can access the same information anytime and anywhere.

thanks to SAP Business ByDesign decisions can be made immediately and not only when the project manager is back in the office. This means you can complete projects faster and have more time for yourself.

For companies in the service industry, it is vital that times and expenses are recorded in full and then billed to the customer. Preparing project accounts correctly is usually more difficult than expected. Information needs to be collected and verified. The following questions arise: Are the time and expense items correct? Are all prices correct? And then there is also the data from external service providers …

In this tutorial you will see how this process can be carried out in SAP Business ByDesign as simply and with minimal effort.

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Benefit from the enormous variety of functions
from SAP Business ByDesign

  • Customer relationship management – CRM: Marketing, sales, service: with SAP Business ByDesign you strengthen your customer relationships in all areas – from the lead to the opportunity to the order.

  • Project management: Project handling for software development or customer projects, e.g. implementation. Project accounting, resource management and reporting.

  • Customer contract management: With customer contracts in SAP Business ByDesign you always have an overview of support and license contracts and can invoice them automatically.

  • Customer service and support: You can use service requests and service orders to process your entire customer service directly in SAP Business ByDesign.

  • Financial Management: You keep a close eye on receivables and payables, liquidity, inventory as well as investments, taxes and expenses.

  • Purchasing: Keep an eye on orders, incoming goods, approvals and returns. Send orders to your suppliers directly from SAP Business ByDesign.

  • Personnel Management: Record times, account for expenses and optimize your vacation planning. Link the HR area with all other business areas.

  • Reporting: Since all business processes are linked, you have a real-time overview of the business development of your company thanks to the reporting.

White Paper: SAP Business ByDesign for Service Providers

Effective: CRM – time recording – project accounting

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Realtech AG


“Today we can concentrate fully on our strengths. Just as we tell our customers, “concentrate on your strengths and source your weaknesses”, we no longer operate our SAP systems ourselves, but use our employees to deliver more value to our own customers. A decision with foresight: we have tackled and implemented our own agile transformation. “
Daniele Di Croce, CEO

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Axit GmbH

AXIT GmbH – A Siemens Company

“Together with the experienced consultants from Bradler GmbH, we have optimized and harmonized many individual processes in the system. The valuable suggestions from the consultants help us to use the system even more effectively. In addition to the effective way of working at Bradler GmbH, we appreciate the fast response times and the friendly and professional cooperation. “
Ann-Kristin Schulz, Head of Finance

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