In today’s tip we would like to inform you about a new possibility of incident handling.

Since the 17/05 release, SAP Business ByDesign has offered the option of forwarding incidents not only to SAP support, but also to the consulting partner – for example Bradler GmbH.

The processing by the premium support of the consulting partner is characterized above all by its many years of experience with SAP Business ByDesign and the specific knowledge of the customer. The consulting partner has the necessary know-how, both about the customer and the software, and can therefore provide the customer with the best possible help.

Would you like to take advantage of incident processing through our premium support * in the future? We are happy to carry out the corresponding configuration in the system so that you can send incidents to Bradler GmbH in the future.

To send an incident to Bradler GmbH, create it in the system as usual and then select “Send to partner”. Then select the appropriate partner – for example Bradler GmbH.

The incident now appears in our SAP Business ByDesign system and can be processed directly by our consultants. They already know your company and can therefore process specific incidents particularly quickly and in a targeted manner.


Take advantage of our premium support with integrated incident processing today and contact us now.


*) You are not yet a customer of Bradler GmbH. We would be happy to create a premium support offer tailored to your requirements.