It is time to migrate your SAP Business ByDesign solution to the new HTML5 user interface. With version 1808 (published on August 18, 2018), the Microsoft Silverlight tenant will be discontinued and will then no longer be available.
To ensure a smooth transition, you will find below a list of various points that will help you get started with the new HTML5 user interface of SAP Business ByDesign.

Benefits of Using the HTML5 User Interface

  • With Fiori, SAP has introduced a user-centric design concept that focuses entirely on how employees work.
  • This award-winning Fiori design concept has also been implemented in the new HTML5 user interface of SAP Business ByDesign.
  • Work more efficiently – thanks to faster and more direct access to relevant information.
  • Future innovations will only be developed for the HTML5 tenant.
  • Work center structure and navigation concepts are the same as in Silverlight. Therefore, it is easy to work with the new client and you will find your way around it immediately.

Roadmap to the HTML5 tenant

  • Since the release of version 1802, HTML5 has been the standard client for SAP Business ByDesign. Therefore, all new clients are delivered with HTML5 as standard clients.
  • With version 1805, the standard client of all, including existing clients, has been changed from Silverlight to HTML5.
  • Starting with version 1808, the Silverlight tenant will be permanently discontinued and will no longer be available.

Additional links to get started with the HTML5 user interface now