As a key user, you want the headers, footers and logos of the form template master in SAP Business ByDesign to edit. For example, you would like to change the address in your forms, add a new company logo, a language variant or a new footer block.


the Template master management can be found in the work center Application and user management in sight Business flexibility :

Then change the display to Form template master :

click To edit :

At this point you can:

  1. Upload your company logo. The file formats .gif, .bmp, .jpg, .png and .tif are supported. The logo must not exceed a size of 40 × 20 mm (width x height). A graphic that is larger than 40 × 20 mm is automatically adjusted.
  2. Enter a return address
  3. Select up to four footer blocks and define the language variants. Please note that you have to enter the information for each required language separately.
  4. Enter information in the footnote blocks
  5. Refresh the preview to see your changes.
  6. click Save and close to make the updated template master available for all forms.

For more information, see the SAP Business ByDesign Help if you search for “edit form template master”:

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Product / validity

This brief instruction was based on SAP Business ByDesign , Release 2005 created. All statements without guarantee.