You want navigation, help, and advanced search capabilities in SAP Business ByDesign use more efficiently and look for tips for correct use. In addition, you regularly work on the same tasks in your role and would like to optimize your work within the work center. The user-friendly navigation and the advanced search provide a few tricks that will make it easier for you to organize your daily tasks.


We’ll show you how to get the most out of the navigation, help search and advanced search functions.


After you are in your SAP Business ByDesign System, a navigation bar is available on the left-hand side. In this you can see all work centers for which your user has been assigned access rights.

You can either use the quick icons or, for a more detailed view, the navigation bar by clicking the Menu icon open in the upper left corner.

As soon as the navigation bar is opened, you get access to the search bar at the bottom left.

Here you can search and filter your work centers. The filter remains even if you hide the navigation bar. So that all work centers are displayed again, you have to delete the content of the search bar or click Reset to default click to the left of the magnifying glass.

For faster operation, work centers can also be closed connections can be added to these directly in a separate tab in SAP Business ByDesign to open.

The functionality of the tabs is similar to that of a browser. You can find this at the bottom of the window. You can navigate between the different views by clicking the respective tab. The main tab always remains on the far left.

Help function

About the Question mark symbol At the top right, you can search for help resources and error analyzes using a search field.

If possible, you will be offered help resources for the current view. For example, are you currently in the work center? Customer orders , help links will be suggested to you directly on this topic.

Extended search function

The extended search function in the work centers behaves in the same way. It offers the option of filtering one or more characteristics. You can then either start or save the query.

In most cases, the advanced filters are to the right of the input field. After opening you will get an overview of which filters you can set.

In addition to the input fields, you can set additional filters – specific to the field – in order to define further search criteria.

You can then start the search and / or save the query. When you save the query, a window opens in which you enter the name of the query and choose whether you want to run it directly when making your selection and use it as a standard query.

You can now select the query in the drop-down list for your next search.

You can organize the predefined and processed queries individually. On the one hand, you can adapt the standard query and, on the other hand, you can specify whether you want to execute the query directly. You can also delete queries that you have created yourself here.

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Product / validity

This brief instruction was based on SAP Business ByDesign , Release 2005 created. All statements without guarantee.