You want in your SAP Business ByDesign -System make data available to users based on specific authorization contexts.


The report data depends on the authorization context. This means that data sources are connected to authorization contexts to ensure that the data is made available to the users who are also authorized to view it.

Data sources are either linked to a specific authorization context or freely accessible.

Key figures and characteristics have the authorization context of the underlying data source.

Assign report

The “Generate Report” view can be accessed from the “Business Analysis” work center. This view contains all reports available in the system. The desired report can be clicked on and made available to the user using the “Assign” button.

Note that SAP Business ByDesign checks whether the authorization context of the report and the authorization context of the work center view conflict. The Conflict column shows whether there is a conflict.

A check mark indicates that the authorization contexts match.

An exclamation mark indicates that the authorization contexts are in conflict.


If you want to assign reports to a work center view despite conflicting access rights, you need to fine-tune them in the Business Configuration work center using the optional task Analytics Administrator – Settings.

In the overview line is the authorization context of the report, which results from the underlying data source.

In the lower area, the individual work centers and work center views are listed with the respective authorization context for the work center view.

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