You want in your SAP Business ByDesign -System assign the same access rights to several employees. This can be done by maintaining access restrictions for user roles and application users.


You grant a user access rights at work center and work center view level. Access to data in assigned work center views can be restricted using various attributes. These are called authorization contexts and depend on the respective business process.

Maintain access restrictions

Work Center: Application and user management; View: user roles

User roles can be managed in this view. User roles are used to provide the same access rights to a group of application users who have similar tasks within the company.

Work Center: Application and user management; View: application user

The access rights of the application users are managed in this view. In this context, a user can be assigned a user role.

Access restrictions can be maintained individually for application users or generally for user roles.

You have the option of copying existing access rights from a user (application user) or a user role.

Restrict read and write access

Read and write access is carried out in the “Access Restrictions” tab.

You can choose the following settings for access restrictions:

  • No access (only available as a restriction for write access)
    The user has no write access.
  • Unrestricted
    The user has access to all business data related to the view.
  • Restricted
    Depending on the authorization context, the user only has access to certain business data. If you select “Restricted”, you can further restrict read and write access based on the access group under Restrictions in detail. For example, if a view has the permission context “Location”, you can restrict write access in this view to business documents that belong to a specific location. To do this, select or deselect the corresponding checkbox in the Read access or Write access column.

Via the button “Copy access restrictions” you can copy read and write access for the same authorization context.

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