Simplify your working life and finally find time again for the finer things in life.

SAP Business ByDesign is the optimal on-demand solution from the cloud for all medium-sized companies in Munich that want to grow profitably. Our competent consultants are at your side at every step of the implementation in order to respond to your individual ideas and wishes at any time.

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution was specially developed for medium-sized companies and subsidiaries of large companies and contains everything you need for your success. It covers all areas of your company – customer relationship management, purchasing, finance, project management, reporting, human resources, production and supply chain management.

SAP Business ByDesign specifically supports medium-sized companies in Munich to grow profitably and maintain competitive advantages. SAP Business ByDesign is a cross-industry solution for everyone who wants to grow lucratively in 2017. This includes software manufacturers, service providers, retail, logistics and many other industries.

You can count on that

Complexity reduction

With the cloud-based solution SAP Business ByDesign, all data is synchronized and available to all employees. Complicated and error-prone data management is a thing of the past. In return, you gain simple and transparent work processes. The SAP Cloud enables your employees to access company data from anywhere.

short project times

With SAP Business ByDesign, holistic project management is possible, from project planning to project accounting. Via mobile devices, you always have an overview of all project data, regardless of time and location, and can react quickly.

Customer service & support

Your customers also benefit from SAP Business ByDesign, for example through the support portal. Here you can offer your customers a 24-hour service by granting real-time access to your service around the clock. Our developers are always working on expanding SAP Business ByDesign with helpful add-on solutions.

That is what sets us apart

We are your partner

As a consulting company, we see ourselves not only as a provider of our services, but also rely on long-term partnerships with our customers. A strong mutual trust relationship is very important in management consulting. We take this to heart, which our customers confirm in our references. We are already a reliable SAP Business ByDesign partner for many satisfied customers and also look after them beyond implementation.
Achieve goals with SAP Business ByDesign

Our goal is to enjoy our work

With SAP Business ByDesign we want to enable you to enjoy your work. This attitude is also reflected in our advice. Nothing is more frustrating than an inadequate system that does more work than good. Our consultants are always reliable contacts and help you to achieve your goals step by step. SAP Business ByDesign can be introduced quickly and easily, so that your workflow is not disrupted.

SAP Business ByDesign

Functionality that evolves

SAP Business ByDesign can be individually tailored to your requirements and expectations. It is up to you to decide which features are relevant. These can be worked out together with our experts. You are always free to make changes quickly and easily as your needs change over time. The cloud protects you from data loss.

Flexible licensing options

SAP Business ByDesign is available for a flat monthly price per user while minimizing time, effort and costs.
In addition, you do not need to worry about anything else, because running costs for maintenance, operation and administration are already included.

Starter packs

If you want to rely on innovative solutions as a basis for the success of your company in Munich, in addition to individual customer solutions for SAP Business ByDesign, the following starter packs are available from us:

CRM starter pack

Intensify your demand and manage your sales easily but efficiently.
This package contains the relevant functions in sales and marketing that support you in all matters from the initial contact to the purchase decision.
The CRM starter pack includes the CRM implementation package – customer relationship management.

ERP starter pack

Optimize your finance and business processes with the “ERP / Finance” starter pack.
With the help of important key figures and comprehensive analyzes, you can identify opportunities and risks at an early stage and react immediately to new opportunities.
The ERP starter pack includes the finance implementation package.

Service provider starter pack

Use the entry-level package for project service providers, which is ideal for automating project processes, acquiring new customers and expanding the service.
The package specializes in the areas of CRM, finance and project management.
The service provider Starterpack comprises the implementation packages CRM – customer relationship management, finance, project management and personnel administration.

Try it for free

Take advantage of our offer and test SAP Business ByDesign in Munich without obligation and free of charge!
SAP ByDesign is the ideal software for medium-sized companies in Munich that rely on progress and growth. Convince yourself of its numerous advantages and discover the extensive options of the software. We would be happy to clarify with you in an individual consultation how SAP Business ByDesign can optimally strengthen your company in Munich.


Munich is one of the most economically stable locations in Germany. The reason for this is, among other things, the colorful mix of large companies, medium-sized companies, small start-ups and traditional craft businesses. The branches most strongly represented in Munich are insurance branches and banks, but also information and communication technology, service and research and knowledge-intensive branches.