The Lead-Generation from contact form is a Content Management System contact form extension that enables the creation of leads in SAP Business ByDesign when a CMS contact form is filled in.

All relevant Sales-Information at Hand – in Realtime

The “Lead-generation from CMS contact form”-AddOn expands your existing contact form functionality.
A lead gets created in SAP Business ByDesign whenever someone fills out the contact form.
The app automatically distinguishes between “retail client” or “business customer”. The app also creates customer master data (with the status of “interested party”).
For B2B customers, the app also transfers relevant data of the contact person. If the business partner or contact already exists, the lead gets assigned to the business partner.
If a lead already exists and has neither the status “accepted” nor “rejected”, with every new message from the contact form, a new note is added to the existing lead.
If SAP Business ByDesign (for example, during scheduled maintenance) is offline, an internal note is added, so that the person responsible can apply the lead manually.

Key Features and Functions

Harvest Leads at the Source

Never miss a lead from your contact forms again.
Reducing manual steps reduces your expenses and helps to avoid loss of important information.

CRM as hub for all Sales Activities

You can react faster to your customer’s needs.
Your leads are always up-to-date and all relevant information is stored in one system.

BRADLER Consulting Solutions

This is a BRADLER Consulting Solution. Our BRADLER Consulting Solutions are extensions for SAP Business ByDesign, that will be individually tailored to your company’s requirements and delivered via consulting services.