In our last tip, we showed you how you can comfortably navigate to your most frequent views and tasks in SAP Business ByDesign using the quick links. There is also another, just as simple, option.

If you want to search for a work center or view, just click the ^ icon in the lower left and then type in what you are looking for.

In our example we want to navigate to the application and user management, more precisely to the application user view. To do this, click on the ^ symbol and type, for example, “Apply”.

After entering the first letter, a search field appears (1). In the list you can now see the “Application users” view in the “Application and User Management” work center (2) with a blue background. If you want to navigate to the “Checking and Revision” work center, “Application User” view instead, you can use the arrow keys to navigate there. If the desired search result is highlighted in blue, press ENTER and get there quickly and easily.