Sometimes it is necessary to suspend the depreciation of an asset for one accounting period and then continue it. You can change the depreciation method in the settings of the valuation view of an asset so that it is not automatically depreciated for a certain period of time, since depreciation cannot be skipped during the depreciation run. This can be done with the following procedure:

  1. Open the asset whose depreciation you want to suspend.
  2. Switch to the tab Base data.
  3. Go to the subtab Asset valuation.
  4. Repeat steps (6 – 9) for each set of books.
  5. Switch to the tab Evaluation intervals.
  6. click on Add line.
  7. Choose one Start date (Date on which the depreciation is to be ended).
  8. Set up depreciation method 0000 – No automatic depreciation.
  9. Add another line where you define the start date for continuing depreciation and the depreciation method you want.
  10. After all assessment views are complete, click To back up.

Since each scenario is unique, we recommend that you test this change in your test system before proceeding with the change in the production system.

Depending on the start date selected, the depreciation can still be made using the previous depreciation method.

If the start date is selected from a posting period in which the depreciation has already been carried out, the amount is posted with the opposite sign in the next depreciation run.

This procedure is also described in the Knowledge Base Article 2809461, see

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