SAP Business ByDesign supports the option of automatically uploading and parking supplier invoices.

Depending on the quality of the scanned invoice, all relevant details (including individual invoice items) are recorded. This means immense labor savings compared to manual invoice entry.

For this, SAP Business ByDesign requires both a PDF file and a TXT file. We have worked out a solution that enables a simple and effective invoice scan to be made despite these requirements for the incoming files.


Would you like to activate this functionality in your SAP Business ByDesign system as well? Or are you already using the invoice scan in SAP Business ByDesign and would like to simplify or optimize it? We’ll gladly assist you.

By the way: our solution can be implemented promptly and cheaply with a standard document scanner. We have had very good experiences with the Fujitsu ScanSnap IX500 scanner. This scanner is very user-friendly and comes with well-designed OCR software.