In our last two tips on quick access and filters, we showed you how you can navigate through SAP Business ByDesign comfortably and in a time-saving manner.

Now we will show you how you can change the arrangement of your work centers in your SAP Business ByDesign according to your individual needs.

In our example, we would like to place the “My Area of Responsibility” work center, which is located behind the “Business Analytics”, between the start page and the Business Analytics.

To do this, we click on the work center (1) and drag and drop the work center with the mouse button pressed to the desired position. In the system, the work center is transparent or grayed out (2) while it is being moved, and we see a gray, vertical line (3) that shows us where we are going to insert it.

So we drag the work center behind the start page and release the mouse button. The work center is now in the new location.

This is how easy it is to design your work surface in SAP Business ByDesign according to your personal ideas and thus achieve your goals even faster and more successfully.