In this tip, we will show you how you can use Sticky Notes in SAP Business ByDesign to add your own notes and comments to a business document.

In our example, you are processing sales order 2740 and would like to leave yourself a reminder. To do this, you can create a private sticky note and attach it to the sales order by selecting the sticky note icon in the top right corner of the image or by selecting Add Note using the sticky note selection button. To enter text, select the sticky note and start typing.

Sticky notes have the status “private” when they are created. To publish a sticky note, select the “Change to Public” icon.

You can place a sticky note anywhere in the image by dragging and dropping it where you want it.

You can minimize a sticky note so that it doesn’t appear directly on the picture. To display the Sticky Note again, you can select it using the Sticky Note Select button or choose Restore All Notes to maximize all of the notes available for the image.

You can delete all of the sticky notes you’ve created in an image by selecting “Remove All Notes” from the Sticky Notes menu.