In this tip we want to show you how to use tags in SAP Business ByDesign introduce.

Tags are fragments of text that you can use to categorize and search for business documents. Tagged business documents are displayed in the Tags area, which can be accessed from the information bar.

You can select the Add or Remove Tags icon on your business document, enter tags, and use the Enter key or the Add button to link them to the business document. Tags cannot contain spaces and are case-sensitive.

To enter a public tag that all users can see and access, enter the tag text in the input field.
To enter a private tag that all users can see, but where only you can access the related business documents by selecting the tag in the Tags area, enter an asterisk (*) directly in front of the tag text.

To search for tags only, you can also enter #Tagname in the corresponding field of the search or the simple search in a worklist. For example, to search for the tag “important”, type #important in the search box. The search then searches for all business documents with this day.

With the help of the tags, you can quickly find exactly the business documents you are looking for and significantly accelerate the navigation in your SAP Business ByDesign system.