SAP’s global strategy of using HTML5 as the standard for future user interfaces is making great strides. The replacement of Silverlight by HTML5 is in the final stages of the cloud-based business software SAP Business ByDesign.

It is already possible today to test some of the functions of SAP Business ByDesign under the currently available HTML5 version.

To see how your SAP Business ByDesign system looks and performs under HTML5, you only need to adapt the URL of your SAP Business ByDesign system as follows:

https: // my[Nummer Ihres ByDesign-Systems] / sap / ap / ui / repository / SAP_BYD_UI / HTML5 / client.html

(We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox for testing.)

Benefits of migrating to HTML5

  • additional increase in performance
  • optimized user interface
  • Compatibility with Linux
  • platform-independent technology

We hope you enjoy testing!

We are always available for any further questions.