You can send personalized HTML emails in marketing campaigns directly from SAP Business ByDesign. Each customer or contact person in the assigned target group receives a personalized email, provided that they can be contacted and that they have a valid email address.

HTML email templates are used for this personalization. Such a template contains both the email content and placeholders, such as the formatted name of the customer or contact person. These placeholders are automatically filled by SAP Business ByDesign with the information of the customer or contact person to be contacted.


  • CRM data can be used directly from SAP Business ByDesign
  • A recipient list can be created flexibly on the basis of a wide variety of criteria
  • A personalized address in the email is possible


We would be happy to activate the functions for you in your solution configuration and make the configuration settings. So you can use the newsletter dispatch immediately.

Create HTML email templates

An email template is used to create personalized emails. It contains the email text in HTML format and placeholders for specific customer information. Images can also be included. When creating the personalized e-mails, the placeholders are filled in with attributes of the customer or contact person, e.g. B. the edited name of the customer.

We have developed a simple and user-friendly solution for creating an e-mail template outside of SAP Business ByDesign. We would be happy to help you further in this regard.


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