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SAP Business ByDesign

On-demand. Your enterprise solution in the cloud.

  • Thanks to SAP Business ByDesign, you don’t need to run complex and expensive data centers.

  • There is no need for investment in licenses and hardware, nor ongoing maintenance, operation, and administration costs.

  • A PC with an internet connection is all you need, in order to use SAP Business ByDesign.

Run your entire business with a single cloud-based ERP solution. Benefit from a comprehensive, integrated SaaS suite for all business areas: Finance, Human Resources, Sales, Procurement, Customer Service and Logistics.

Because all business processes are mapped in one system and linked from the start, you have a real-time view of your company’s business development with the help of reporting capabilities. This allows you to quickly identify successes and respond immediately to unexpected events at any time.

You receive SAP Business ByDesign at a monthly rental price. This depends on how many user-based licenses you book – that is, how many individual employees use the software. Data backup and recovery, as well as periodic upgrades, are already included in the monthly fees.

Security comes first: Two SAP data centers in St. Leon-Rot control the business cloud for the whole of Europe. Sensitive access controls, the highest security standards and an energy supply that is self-sufficient in an emergency protect your data.

A software that grows with your company: Connect new users quickly and easily as needed. Thanks to the modular design, you can quickly and easily start with the core areas and later at any time to other business areas.

An ERP for all business areas

Finance – fully integrated and audit-proof

Rely on company-standardized accounting. By integrating important business and financial processes, SAP Business ByDesign provides you with a consistent and up-to-date view of your business at all times.
With SAP Business ByDesign, you can map all the important business processes in your company. They always keep track of receivables and liabilities, payment transactions and liquidity, inventory and investments, taxes and expenses, as well as compliance and reporting. This means that you always have a reliable basis for accruing periods and business decisions. You can also create reports for auditors in no time.

  • External and internal accounting
    Manage accounts for multiple divisions, currencies, and accounting standards.

  • Cash flow management
    Nearly every business process is associated with capital flows within your company or between your company and your external business partners or customers. SAP Business ByDesign treats every business step with financial considerations in mind, so you always have full control over all cash inflows and outflows.

  • Managing taxes
    SAP Business ByDesign helps you process tax returns for goods and services and to determine the account for corresponding transactions.
    The solution includes country-specific functions for calculating, filing and paying tax returns, as well as for communicating with tax authorities. Your tax accounting can execute tax returns based on taxable invoice amounts or, if necessary, make entries manually. There is also a monitoring function for checking and tracking the process steps.

  • Real-time reports SAP Business ByDesign provides you with
    a consistent, up-to-date overview of your finances. You can run financial reports at any time, create what-if analyses and drill down to determine details. This gives you a comprehensive understanding of your costs and revenues in real time.

Manage employees

Streamline your human resources processes and increase efficiency in the workplace through an integrated view of your company that understands the role and responsibilities involved. In short, everyone knows what to do and when. Record times of time, calculate expenses and optimize your holiday planning: SAP Business ByDesign links your HR area to project management, finance, procurement and service. Supported by the solution, you can also outsource your payroll easily.

  • HR Self-Services
    Set up self-service functions for your employees to record time, procure, and manage their personal information.
    An automatic workflow supports the authorization process so that the responsible manager receives an immediate notification and can approve the employee’s request.

  • Recruitment
    Accelerate your hiring processes and the integration of new employees with SAP Business ByDesign and give your employees and managers central access to all relevant information.
    With a personnel file available online, you can simplify the management of personnel files while protecting your employee data. This will provide more visibility into the history of personnel operations, such as hiring, transfers, cancellations, or cancellations and rehiring.

  • Time and attendance management
    Manage working hours, workload, and compensation efficiently with SAP Business ByDesign. Reduce the amount of manual tasks and simplify your management processes.

Successfully carry out projects

From project planning to implementation to billing and reporting , SAP Business ByDesign manages the entire lifecycle in one application. Your employees access the same information anytime, anywhere. This way, you can easily complete projects faster, because decisions can now be made immediately – not only when the project manager is back in the office. Create detailed plans, set deadlines, and find the most appropriate people for each project.

  • Project planning and execution
    With SAP Business ByDesign, you can plan, execute, and monitor projects of all types and sizes while systematically recording costs. To do this, you create an overall project plan, then develop a detailed project plan and schedule, and search for suitable employees and assign them to the project. You also procure all goods and services for the project through the appropriate project management functions.

  • Travel expense journal
    The members of the project team should devote their time to the project goals and not to completing routine tasks. Therefore, the solution helps team members settle travel and expenses. These can be automatically assigned to the overall project or to individual project tasks.

  • Project statement
    An accurate assignment of actual work hours to a project is the basis for project monitoring, project payroll, payroll, and project cost management. With SAP Business ByDesign, you simplify your project billing process and improve the accuracy of your recorded times. This ensures the best possible transparency and happier customers efficiently.

Suppliers, products and prices always up-to-date and in view

Collect and maintain information about suppliers and products – as a central basis for all purchasing-relevant processes. You can also automate many of the project-related procurement activities. Self-service features allow your teams to acquire the resources they need without having to look for the best suppliers and prices. Automated approval processes forward procurement applications directly to the responsible procurement or personnel managers.

  • Strategic Purchasing
    Create and manage a comprehensive portfolio of supplier and product information that serves as the central foundation for all vendor-related information. With SAP Business ByDesign, you can automate your inventory discovery activities so that your employees can find the best suppliers and prices faster.

  • Operational Purchasing
    Make your company’s purchasing activities as lean as possible – take advantage of the automation capabilities for creating purchase orders, checking the invoice, and finding duplicates or variances in invoices.
    SAP Business ByDesign provides your buyers with all purchasing information at the click of a mouse, ensuring the best possible purchasing decisions in your company.

Increase the efficiency of your logistics

Optimize the efficiency of your supply chain by better aligning inventory and needs. With SAP Business ByDesign, you also gain more flexibility through optimized collaboration with customers and suppliers.

  • Inventory management
    Give your inventory managers the ability to define the requirements for inventory transactions when goods are put in and out of the warehouse. With SAP Business ByDesign, you can manage all tasks related to inventory updates, such as shipping, goods receipt, and unplanned goods movements.

  • Goods receipt processes
    Increase efficiency in receiving goods at warehouses and in transfers. The support for goods receipt makes it easier for you to process inbound deliveries and to manage the corresponding unloading and put-away activities.
    You can specify how many tasks the input process should include, or you can define an input process without tasks by selecting at least one logistics model. you can also run parallel input processes with or without tasks.
  • Return processing
    Manage customer returns and unused spare parts and send products back to suppliers.
    With the solution, you can easily edit returns and manage follow-up tasks such as return storage, unloading returns or return collection and loading. You can specify how many tasks you want the return processing process to include, or you can define a return process without tasks by selecting at least one logistics model. In addition, SAP Business ByDesign allows you to execute parallel return processes with or without tasks.
  • Shipping
    Increase efficiency when shipping from the warehouse to the customer and during transfers. The assistance with the goods issue makes it easier for you to process deliveries as well as to manage the corresponding pick-up and loading activities.
    You can specify how many tasks you want the shipping process to include, or you can define a shipping process without tasks by selecting at least one logistics model. You can also run parallel shipping processes with or without tasks.
  • Pick up
    Give your field technicians the opportunity to pick up spare parts at a specific warehouse to increase the efficiency of the service process. With SAP Business ByDesign, you can flexibly design the output of spare parts for service orders and manage the subsequent pick-up and loading processes.
    You can specify whether the pickup processes should run with or without tasks by selecting at least one logistics model. You can also run parallel processes with or without tasks.
  • Communication
    The exchange of information is critical to making your supply chain operations work smoothly. The solution is an easy way to transmit important information for delivery and delivery. You can also standardize this information by creating templates for business documents such as pick lists, put-away lists, loading and unloading lists, and packing slips. You can set up rules to
    print these documents. In addition, you can use XML or Electronic Data Exchange (EDI) for the transmission of delivery notifications to other companies.

Economic production

Create and implement flexible warehouse and manufacturing processes tailored to your products and business model, and gain a comprehensive view of your operations. In this way, you can support cooperation with your customers and suppliers at the same time.
In SAP Business ByDesign, you have all the tools you need for an economical production process.

  • Production preparation and planning
    Create optimal conditions for flexible preparation and planning of production. With the SAP solution, your production controllers can manage these steps more efficiently by creating and releasing production orders immediately after receiving a production request. Alternatively, production orders can also be created and released on the basis of a schedule or manually. You can also set the horizon within which production orders are created. The configuration you choose depends on the volume of production orders to be processed and the extent to which you want to control the creation and release of production orders yourself.
  • Production control and feedback
    Give your production staff an appropriate level of control over the physical production process. One of the things you can do is to
    have finished production lots immediately reported back and completed by the solution. This is a possible configuration option of the solution. Alternatively, you can have production lots completed on a schedule, with an option to manually close the production lots.
    In addition, you can set the horizon within which production orders are to be completed. Which of these configuration options you choose depends on the level of control you want and the volume of production lots you want to edit.
  • Quality assurance
    Through consistent quality control processes, you ensure that the products manufactured by your company meet internal quality standards and customer expectations. With the ERP solution, you can select techniques and activities to meet quality requirements. You can decide which products to test with which processes and how exactly to perform the checks. You can also specify corrective and preventive measures.
  • Communication
    The exchange of information is crucial for quality assurance to be carried out at a high level. Use different types of print forms to easily organize such an information spread.
    The solution provides you with predefined forms for test instructions, test results, and sampling instructions so that you can work with standardized information. Appropriate rules can be set up to print this information.

Your customers in focus

With SAP Business ByDesign, you strengthen your customer relationships in all areas. You quickly identify the best contacts, qualify them as prospects, accelerate your sales cycle, and increase your sales.
Whether it’s opportunities, offers, orders or invoices, all information is seamlessly integrated throughout the company.
With SAP Business ByDesign, your employees can check product availability, accurately predict future sales, and identify cross- and up-selling potentials.

Your sales department recognizes sales potential sfaster and can fully focus on promising customer contacts.

  • Customer management
    The fast access to relevant information about prospects and customers is an indispensable prerequisite for successful sales processes.
    A central directory serves as an information store for all important information about customers as well as sales and service partners, so that you have communication data, contact history and sales figures at hand at all times. This minimizes the time required for routine administrative tasks such as data entry.

  • Activity management
    The smooth exchange of information with prospects and customers is the key to a promising sales cycle. With SAP Business ByDesign, you can always document and process your customer interactions as precisely as possible; it does not matter whether the contacts take place by e-mail, by telephone or in the form of a personal conversation.
    This way, you can not only record the complete interaction history with a customer or prospect, but also make this information comprehensible to others in the company. This ensures that customers are not contacted unnecessarily or twice.

  • New Business Development
    Make sure that only qualified leads enter your Opportunity pipeline. This saves you time when it comes to initiating follow-up actions. Your sales reps can accept or reject a lead when they are handed over from the marketing department. If the lead is
    approved, sales can initiate follow-up activities, such as creating an opportunity or an offer.

  • Opportunity management
    Effective opportunity management can significantly increase the rate of successful deals.
    With SAP Business ByDesign, you can proactively manage your pipeline. You can track multiple sales processes in parallel, including the tasks and activities that are relevant to that opportunity. Each process is divided into phases, and each of these phases consists of activities and appointments assigned to the appropriate team members. In addition, you can collect and maintain many other opportunity-related data, such as chances of success or the expected value of the potential deal.

  • Create quotes
    So sales departments can make reliable pricing and availability commitments for products and services, they must have access to secure resources. With the solution, your employees can quickly, easily and accurately create quotes for leads or customers.
    Your sales agents only need to specify which customer, product and quantity they are talking about, and they will receive all the necessary details about pricing, discounts, delivery and availability. Once the purchase decision has been made on the side of the lead or customer, your employee can create an order based on the offer with just one click.

Targeted marketing

Run effective campaigns with personalized customer information. Generate and qualify leads that you can seamlessly pass to sales. With SAP Business ByDesign, you always have an eye on how you have won over customers and prospects. This way, you can quickly see which marketing measure is successful.
Microsoft Outlook integration allows you to directly associate email with campaigns, leads, or opportunities. This way, you always keep your communication in sync from the first contact to the sales order.
In addition, the pipeline simulation feature has an interactive combination of graphical representation and table list of opportunities. In addition, the What-If analysis simulates how changes would affect the pipeline.

  • Manage Market
    Information Collecting and Tracking Market Information is critical to keeping an eye on the market, economy, and industry competitors’ activities. Merge this information into a central database. Make it easier for marketing, sales, and service employees to work by making all the documents you need available at all times, whether it’s company profiles, sales strategies, market research results, or industry news acts.
  • Manage competitor information
    Keep an eye on your competitors while improving the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and sales activities.
    With SAP Business ByDesign, you can centrally store and manage information about competitors and their products. This data is very useful for sales teams to compare their own products and services with those of competitors.
  • Managing audiences
    A tried-and-tested tactic for successful marketing is to query the customer database and assemble different target groups in order to be able to approach customers more effectively and in a more targeted manner during the campaign.
    You use selection criteria to define the target group for your marketing activities, such as all customers within a specific zip code area. Your employees can search for groups and determine whether to include a specific audience of existing customers and prospects in a campaign. This saves time and costs later.
  • Run campaigns
    Make your marketing campaigns more efficient and reach the right audience with the right materials. With SAP Business ByDesign, you can create tables with all members of a defined audience, optimizing your campaign success.
    Your employees can use the tables to write personalized newsletters for specific prospects or customer groups and send them through different communication channels, such as e-mail, fax, or mail. With automatically generated activities for each customer in the campaign history, you can effectively track feedback and add it to your customer history.
  • Generate leads
    Winning and effectively managing prospects (leads) is one of the cornerstones of successful marketing with a direct impact on corporate revenue.
    You can use targeted interactions to generate the potential interest of leads and monitor them over a specified period of time. Qualified leads are handed over to
    the sales department, so you can always understand when a lead develops into a real opportunity.

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