One of the most impressive aspects of SAP Business ByDesign is its extensive reporting and analysis capabilities, with the help of which managing directors and managers keep an overview at all times.
Reporting is a central component of SAP Business ByDesign and the element through which the advantages of an integrated, cloud-based solution are most clearly visible: since all business processes are mapped in one system and linked from the start, you have one with the help of reporting capabilities Real-time overview of the business development of your company. In this way, you can quickly identify successes and react immediately to unexpected events at any time.

Classic reports in the web browser

SAP Business ByDesign provides you with a large number of reports in every work center. These offer the following options:

  • Table view
  • Graphic views
  • Diverse selections and value choices
  • Export to Excel and CSV

These reports have the advantage that you can navigate to the actual business documents with a click. You can create further reports yourself.

Classic reports in the web browser

Key performance indicators

You can monitor predefined key performance indicators in SAP Business ByDesign or define your own indicators for monitoring.

Reports in Microsoft Excel

With the SAP Business ByDesign Excel plug-in, you can edit reports from SAP Business ByDesign in Microsoft Excel and, thanks to the direct connection to the system, display all adjustments and changes directly in SAP Business ByDesign.
Create your own reports that are adapted to the needs of your company and make them available in SAP Business ByDesign.
With these reports, you can access real-time data in SAP Business ByDesign from your Excel spreadsheet. Once an Excel report has been created, it can be updated at any time with a click of the mouse.

Reports in Microsoft Excel

Mobile reports

With the SAP Business in Focus app for your Apple iPad, you can keep an eye on the performance of your company anytime, anywhere.
The app accesses your SAP Business ByDesign solution and allows you to display key performance indicators and reports in real time.
In this way, you can react quickly to abnormalities.
Keep track of the performance of your company – no matter where you are.

Video tutorial

Find out more about the reporting of SAP Business ByDesign in practical application in the seventh episode of our video tutorial series.