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SAP Business ByDesign LODAS integration

2021-10-12T16:44:25+02:0019. 10. 2020|Solutions|

Simplify your payroll process by transferring relevant data from SAP Business ByDesign to LODAS. Have an importable file for LODAS generated fully automatically. Seamless integration into the standard billing process from SAP Business ByDesign. Reduction of parallel master data management. Simplify your payroll process With our LODAS integration [...]

Effective financial management with SAP Business ByDesign

2021-10-12T16:54:00+02:0014. 04. 2020|Aktuelles, Business subjects|

Receivables and payables, liquidity and payments, inventory and fixed assets, expenses and taxes, reporting and compliance - with SAP Business ByDesign you can get a comprehensive overview of the financial situation of your organization in real time and regardless of location. If you integrate all important financial, production and business processes into the cloud [...]

Effective project management with SAP Business ByDesign

2021-10-12T16:54:22+02:0006. 04. 2020|Aktuelles, Business subjects|

Many medium-sized companies find it difficult to find a suitable Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP system). You buy oversized solutions that cause unnecessary costs. SAP Business ByDesign in the cloud is ideally suited for the requirements of medium-sized companies thanks to its scalability. Why effective project management is so important The majority of German [...]

Business scenario: payroll

2021-10-12T17:40:22+02:0001. 03. 2017|Business scenarios|

That SAP Business ByDesign The payroll business scenario is designed to efficiently support the payroll process through an external payroll system. It combines the advantages of internal payroll accounting - transparency, monitoring and control - with the advantages of outsourced payroll accounting - lower costs, higher efficiency and a lower risk of liability. In [...]

Business scenario: human resource management

2021-10-12T17:40:25+02:0001. 03. 2017|Business scenarios|

That SAP Business ByDesign Business scenario Human resource management is designed for efficient management and execution of all employee-related tasks. There are two approaches to dealing with personal data, depending on the scope of the solution required. Scenario overview One of these is the administration of personal master data, which is the [...]

SAP Business ByDesign Tutorial 6: Support Portal

2021-10-12T18:13:16+02:0027. 06. 2016|Video tutorials|

Get to know SAP Business ByDesign step by step with our tutorials. This episode is about the support portal offered by Bradler GmbH. In this episode of the tutorial, you can see how the Bradler GmbH support portal seamlessly integrates with the Cloud ERP SAP Business ByDesign. You can use the support portal to [...]

SAP Business ByDesign – Sticky Notes

2021-10-12T18:18:12+02:0006. 04. 2016|Tips and Tricks|

In this tip, we will show you how you can use Sticky Notes in SAP Business ByDesign to add your own notes and comments to a business document. In our example, you are processing sales order 2740 and would like to leave yourself a reminder. To do this, you can create a private sticky [...]