Project management

Business scenario: times and expenses for cross-company projects

2021-10-12T17:37:21+02:0001. 03. 2017|Business scenarios|

That SAP Business ByDesign Business scenario Times and expenses for cross-company projects enables partner companies that belong to the same group and that technically work in the same SAP Business ByDesign system to collaborate efficiently on projects. A service company that carries out a project for a customer may not be able to provide [...]

Business scenario: expense report

2021-10-12T17:37:37+02:0001. 03. 2017|Business scenarios|

Medium-sized companies that want to better control their travel expenses can use this SAP Business ByDesign Process shorten and automate the reimbursement cycle. You process expense reports efficiently, reimburse your employees for expenses more quickly and monitor business expenses and compliance with all guidelines. Scenario overview All country-specific flat rates are included [...]

Business scenario: materials in projects

2021-10-12T17:37:11+02:0001. 03. 2017|Business scenarios|

That SAP Business ByDesign Business scenario Materials in Projects is relevant for project-based service providers who also offer materials in addition to services (e.g. service providers for IT infrastructure or for energy infrastructure such as gas pipelines or wind turbines). Scenario overview You have to plan and schedule materials for projects, procure [...]

Activate the new apps “SAP Project to Go” and “SAP Project Cockpit”

2021-10-12T18:22:56+02:0004. 09. 2015|Tips and Tricks|

The mobile applications SAP Project Cockpit for iPad and SAP Project to Go for iPhone are applications that were developed to support project managers (Project Cockpit) and members of the project team (Project to Go). Features of SAP Project to Go for the iPhone Interaction with other members of your project team [...]

SAP Business ByDesign Tutorial 3: Project Accounting

2021-10-12T18:27:12+02:0003. 09. 2014|Tips and Tricks, Video tutorials|

Get to know SAP Business ByDesign, the medium-sized company software from the world market leader for business application software, step by step with our tutorials. This episode is about project accounting. For companies, especially in the service industry, it is vital that times and expenses are recorded in full and then billed to the [...]