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Effective project management with SAP Business ByDesign

2021-10-12T16:54:22+02:0006. 04. 2020|Aktuelles, Business subjects|

Many medium-sized companies find it difficult to find a suitable Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP system). You buy oversized solutions that cause unnecessary costs. SAP Business ByDesign in the cloud is ideally suited for the requirements of medium-sized companies thanks to its scalability. Why effective project management is so important The majority of German [...]

Business scenario: payroll

2021-10-12T17:40:22+02:0001. 03. 2017|Business scenarios|

That SAP Business ByDesign The payroll business scenario is designed to efficiently support the payroll process through an external payroll system. It combines the advantages of internal payroll accounting - transparency, monitoring and control - with the advantages of outsourced payroll accounting - lower costs, higher efficiency and a lower risk of liability. In [...]

Business scenario: non-stock procurement

2021-10-12T17:37:07+02:0001. 03. 2017|Business scenarios|

That SAP Business ByDesign Non-stock procurement business scenario enables you to purchase non-stock items such as office supplies, construction samples, or equipment. Scenario overview This scenario can be triggered by employees or assistants who create shopping carts, by project teams who need non-stock materials for projects, directly from the buyer via purchase orders [...]

Business case: Marketing-to-Opportunity

2021-10-12T17:37:16+02:0001. 03. 2017|Business scenarios|

That SAP Business ByDesign Marketing-to-Opportunity business scenario enables you to manage marketing and pre-sale activities with the aim of generating new business for customers and prospects. You can run campaigns, collect responses, generate leads, manage opportunities, and initiate and track related sales activities. Alternatively, you can use this business scenario without campaigns. This means [...]

Business scenario: customer contract management

2021-10-12T17:37:49+02:0001. 03. 2017|Business scenarios|

With the SAP Business ByDesign You can create and manage customer contract management business scenario as part of support claims or managed services. Scenario overview The scenario includes functional areas from related areas that directly support the provision of services for contracts, for example the processing of due items and payments in [...]

Business scenario: cash and liquidity management

2021-10-12T17:38:40+02:0001. 03. 2017|Business scenarios|

That SAP Business ByDesign Business scenario cash and liquidity management enables financial experts in medium-sized companies to meet cash flow deadlines quickly and efficiently and to achieve greater transparency in the management of the liquidity status of their company. It contains cash flow information from the areas of receivables and payables, taxes as well [...]

Business scenario: processing customer inquiries

2021-10-12T17:38:05+02:0001. 03. 2017|Business scenarios|

That SAP Business ByDesign Business scenario handling customer inquiries enables your service department to provide customer services for prospective and existing customers and to provide support. Scenario overview It has functions for receiving inquiries via various input channels and for creating and processing service inquiries. You can provide your customers with solutions [...]

Business scenario: order processing (project-based products and services)

2021-10-12T17:39:37+02:0001. 03. 2017|Business scenarios|

That SAP Business ByDesign Order fulfillment business scenario (project-based products and services) is used to manage the entire process of selling project-based services to customers. Scenario overview In this scenario, offers and sales orders are integrated in project management. This enables you to create customer invoices for time and expense items recorded [...]

Business scenario: human resource management

2021-10-12T17:40:25+02:0001. 03. 2017|Business scenarios|

That SAP Business ByDesign Business scenario Human resource management is designed for efficient management and execution of all employee-related tasks. There are two approaches to dealing with personal data, depending on the scope of the solution required. Scenario overview One of these is the administration of personal master data, which is the [...]