Implementing a classic ERP is a complex and time-consuming process. Once you and your consultants have got the system up and running, you will subsequently need human and financial resources to keep the system up-to-date and secure. In particular, data security and maintaining system stability are issues that require ongoing attention. The system is one thing – dealing with the system is another. Your employees have to learn this at great expense and often only use parts of the expensive ERP. For medium-sized companies, the expenses for an on-premise ERP under such conditions often make up around 60% of the total costs of their IT infrastructure. Would an ERP system from the cloud be an alternative? You can find out whether this is worthwhile for you in this article and in the test attached below.

How cloud ERP solutions help save money

With cloud solutions, you get all the benefits that a modern ERP can offer your company. But you do without time-consuming installations and investments in quickly outdated hardware. Implementation is also quick. The system offers a complete range of functions that can be precisely adapted to your needs. This means that the scenarios and processes that you really need are always available to you. User roles determine which of your employees should receive which task in the system – and also which employees are not allowed to view certain information.

Make business processes more effective

With a cloud solution, there is no unused superstructure. You receive a high-performance and modern system with which you can design your business processes more effectively.

The implementation and transfer of know-how to the key users is carried out by consultants – just like with classic on-premise solutions. In addition, a modern cloud ERP also offers integrated help, including an extensive knowledge database and an extensive library. Application users can learn the first steps in their specialist areas via an integrated, role-based learning environment. Getting started with the system is quick and easy, and working with the new solution is even fun!

Lower costs – but not at the expense of security

Cloud solutions have the unbeatable advantage that you can save yourself the purchase of expensive hardware as well as its regular maintenance. This makes corporate solutions in the cloud ideal for medium-sized companies. They offer a comprehensive range of functions at a fraction of the cost of a classic solution with its own infrastructure!

Your most valuable asset, your data, is not stored “somewhere in the cloud”, but with the right partner in clearly agreed locations that you can find on the map. For German customers, this can of course only be the server location in Germany.

You can call up a modern cloud solution via the browser. This enables your employees to use the system conveniently and regardless of location wherever they have internet access. At the same time, you always know where your data is and that it is optimally secured. The result: You can concentrate on your business instead of worrying about your infrastructure!

Pay only for what you need

The range of functions and the number of users also determine the monthly costs. You only pay for what you need. And only for those who need it. If your company expands and further functions of the software are required, you can easily book these in addition. You get everything you expect from an ERP at a low price – without having to worry about infrastructure that is quickly becoming obsolete. A cloud ERP is oriented towards the end user and is ideally expandable. And you never have to worry about updates again.

Are you currently using an on-premise ERP and would like to know whether the move to the cloud could be worthwhile? Take the test and find out with a free potential analysis how your company can benefit from a modern, cloud-based ERP with SAP Business ByDesign.