It is essential for the management of a company to always have a comprehensive overview of the entire operation and its processes. This ensures that the company always acts in a market-oriented and forward-looking manner, recognizes successes and opportunities quickly and reacts immediately to unexpected events in order to resolve any problems at an early stage.

SAP Business ByDesign is specially developed to make company processes more transparent so that the management always has an overview and control. The intelligent ERP system provides complete insights into all areas of the company and provides key figures, real-time analyzes and alarm functions. On this basis, you can make well-founded decisions for all business processes at any time. The central database also ensures that you can access information and data from various departments consistently and without loss at any time.


With SAP Business ByDesign you never lose track of existing receivables and payables, payment transactions, taxes, expenses, inventory and assets as well as reporting. The uniform information is always up-to-date and is at your side with period-end closings and business decisions. You can also run financial reports at any time, create what-if analyzes and determine details with the practical drill-down functions so that you are always up to date on your costs and revenues.


Monitor all projects – from planning to execution and reporting. With project accounting, your employees assign the hours worked precisely to the project and its tasks. These times, recorded in detail, help you to improve work efficiency and also satisfy your customers, as they also always have an overview of the billed workload.


With SAP Business ByDesign you keep track of all production steps. You have the option of controlling the creation and release of the production orders yourself or of handing this task over to your production employees. Whatever you decide – you can still monitor all steps and identify potential for improvement in order to increase the efficiency of the production process.


You save relevant market and competitor information in a central database. So you are always up to date and make your employees’ work easier because they can find all relevant documents in one central place. SAP Business ByDesign also gives you the opportunity to see how you have won your customers – so you can see at a glance which marketing measures are successful. In the pipeline simulation, which has a graphical representation and a list of opportunities, you can also do what-if analyzes to see how changes will affect the pipeline.


Information on qualified leads from marketing is passed on directly to your sales staff. The transparent transition between the two areas ensures that you do not miss any opportunities to generate new customers and that your prospects are well looked after.
Information on customer interactions is also kept transparent. You and your sales staff are always up to date thanks to the complete insight into the course of interaction with a customer or prospect and at the same time prevent them from being contacted twice, for example.

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