In today’s tip we introduce you to a rather unknown part of SAP Business ByDesign: the so-called “SAP Cloud Applications Studio”. This is a software development kit (SDK for short) with which you can adapt (almost) all components of your SAP Business ByDesign system according to your wishes.

Flexibly expand SAP Business ByDesign functionality

The “SAP Cloud Applications Studio” offers you many possibilities to put your projects into practice. For example, you can adjust values such as discounts, taxes or surcharges in a sales order individually according to a certain rule, or update exchange rates automatically on a daily basis. Even if an OCI shop connection does not work as it should, a solution for this can be developed quickly and easily in the “SAP Cloud Applications Studio”.

Own business objects and work centers

If you have very special system requirements that are not included in the standard, you can even define your own business objects and associated work centers. In your own BOs it is possible to implement completely new functions or to combine values from various other BOs, such as projects.

Web services for connecting third-party systems

The “SAP Cloud Applications Studio” can also help you with the connection of third-party systems. In this way, you can create your own web services and communication systems in the SDK and thus communicate with another system. It is also possible to use a mashup to call any API that provides a REST interface.

As you can see, the possibilities of the “SAP Cloud Applications Studio” are almost unlimited. We hope you enjoy trying it out and we are of course available to answer any questions you may have.