This webinar is aimed at companies in the wholesale and retail sector.

SAP Business ByDesign for retail

In times of radical economic change, you can use simple SAP solutions for retail to optimize the processes of your retail company down to the smallest detail. Go for a solution from a partner that adapts to your business development, regardless of which direction you are going. This allows you to improve your competitive position and make better informed decisions to take advantage of business opportunities quickly.

  • Do you use your market and customer knowledge to plan your product range in such a way that it appeals to customers? And do you adjust your pricing and promotions accordingly to generate demand and increase sales?
  • How do you identify the products that offer high added value and generate demand in order to set reasonable prices?
  • Can you meet your customers’ needs down to the smallest detail anytime, anywhere?
  • How can you create compelling buying experiences that will keep your customers loyal to your company and drive sales?

SAP Business ByDesign for wholesale

The advantages are obvious: in the upper quarter of wholesalers, your completion rate is 58% higher than in the lower quarter. And with a dynamic, frequently updated forecast, you can cut transportation costs by 31%. With an integrated procurement system, you save a total of 30% (source: SAP Performance Benchmarking).

  • Do you offer profitable additional services to set yourself apart from your competitors?
  • Are you mitigating risks by matching customer needs with inventory levels while taking variable costs and availability into account?
  • Do you manage the costs of a global supplier network by negotiating the best contracts to increase margins?
  • How do you optimize manufacturing processes, if necessary, so that they become more cost-effective and you can better respond to changing requirements?
  • Do you segment your customers according to sales volume, profitability, customer loyalty and service costs?

SAP Business ByDesign

If you think about these topics too, SAP Business ByDesign is exactly the right solution for your company. In this webinar you will find out how SAP Business ByDesign can help you with these questions.

SAP Business ByDesign is a powerful, scalable business management system that integrates all core business functions of your entire company.

Register today for a full overview demonstration that will show you how you can manage your entire business from a single cloud ERP solution.

It is ideal for medium-sized companies, local public institutions and subsidiaries of large corporations. The modular nature of SAP Business ByDesign enables you to start small and gradually expand the system. It supports you in developing your business processes continuously and at your own pace.

Find out how to streamline end-to-end processes and maximize efficiency across your organization. Benefit from real-time analyzes and manage your company from anywhere, anytime with integrated mobile apps.