The SAP Business ByDesign Release 2005 is now available and includes innovations in the following areas:

Mobile apps


  • Strict four-eyes principle
    The Strict Dual Control function (four-eyes principle) is now available for all manual postings in the general ledger and in the manual tax postings. This ensures that a user who creates or edits a manual booking can save it but not book it. The “Book” action must be carried out by a second user.
  • Payment cancellation approval
    An approval procedure is now available for reversing approved payments. If such an approved payment is canceled, an approval task is generated for the cancellation posting.
  • Sales Kits – Profitability Analysis
    The profitability analysis allows users to view the profitability of the sales kit header and sales kit item, including sales kit returns, in case the sales kit items have been posted back to their own warehouse.
  • Mandatory fields in virtual data sources
    When using OData services and ODP to extract accounting data, correct and consistent results depend on the correct selection of certain parameters, e.g. B. the combination of companies and general ledgers and subsidiary ledgers. Therefore it is now possible to activate the checking of mandatory fields for certain data sources.

Human Resources

  • Time management – permits
    HR managers can now edit a time record (e.g. assign a bonus payment) and then send the time record to the project manager or supervisor for approval.
  • Analytics – Employee Changes for Payroll
    In each payroll period, HR managers must send relevant changes to employee master data to their payroll provider in order to upload them to the payroll system. The “Internal Employee Changes” report now shows a change history for personal data, changes to the work agreement, home address or payment information.

Supply chain management

Customer Relationship Management

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