That SAP Business ByDesign Release 21.05 is available and includes innovations in the following areas:

Customer Relationship Management

  • Start and end dates for the contract
    In contracts, customers can now see the start and end dates for every invoice item. This is especially important in the subscription business.
  • GTIN for package products and their support in customer order documents
    On behalf of a customer, customers can now use a GTIN / UPC (Global Trade Item Number / Universal Product Code) for the package product and only need to scan the UPC code of the package product instead of each individual product when generating the invoice.

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Cross Topics & Mobile

  • Microsoft Teams® for SAP Business ByDesign
    SAP Business ByDesign users can now access functions (e.g. opportunity or account list) of the system directly from Microsoft Teams.

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  • Intelligent and mobile scanning of expenses
    With the new release, users can scan a receipt on the go, which is converted into an expense in the expense report report.
  • Mobile time recording & mobile push
    Employees and managers can now use the SAP Business ByDesign Mobile App for time recording and see push notifications for approvals.
  • SAP Enable Now Web Assistant for SAP Business ByDesign
    The SAP Enable Now Web Assistant is available in addition to the Help Center to display context-dependent help and learning content.
  • Configuration to use common actions in analytics reports
    Customers can now control the use of the general actions like download, submit, and add fields in the analytical reports.
  • OData API for Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    Customers are now able to access Key Performance Indicator (KPI) data and extract it from SAP Business ByDesign using the OData service.
  • Event notification and pushing of data to external applications
    Administrators can now configure events that forward data to external applications based on events in SAP Business ByDesign.

Financial management

Human Resources

Supplier relationship management

  • Intelligent extensions for scanning supplier invoices
    With this release, the function for scanning supplier invoices has been expanded to further reduce manual effort and increase flexibility.

Supply chain management

  • Adding components to started production orders
    Due to changes planned at short notice, it may be the case that components have to be added to production orders that have already started, which is now possible.
  • Analytical insights into supply chain management
    Two new reports are available for Supply Chain Management that provide better analytical insights for the production manager and warehouse manager:

    • Production order / lot: Dates and quantities and the underlying data source provides the actual production time and the delay.
    • Stock aging shows the stock quantity for a product / company combination grouped in age ranges in days for which the stock remains in the warehouse or in the company.
  • Customer consignment
    Customers can now get an overview of the consignment inventory at, to and from the customer’s location.

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