In today’s tip, we’re going to show you the options for application users. Key users who have access to the “Company Analysis” WorkCenter in SAP Business ByDesign can create selections that are available to all business users. Business users can create selections that only you have access to.

Save selection

Open the report for which you want to create a selection and edit the selection according to your requirements.

To save the selection, click on “Selection” -> “Save as”.

Give your selection a unique name.

Edit selection

To edit a view that you have created and that has already been saved, select the relevant view and make the changes to the selection. Then click on “Selection” -> “To back up”.

The current selection is saved and the original selection values are overwritten.

Manage selection

You can choose which selection should be used as the default. To do this, click on “Selection” -> “Administer”.

Select your preferred view in the “Standard view” column.

Selections you have made yourself can be deleted here using the “Delete” button.

We hope that today’s tip for working with reports in SAP Business ByDesign has been useful.
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